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We've looked at the traditional practices of the financial markets and their deeply ingrained habits. Nx'change gives you the good parts, and leaves out the bad.

A fresh Solution

Imagine a world where you can trade directly. Like some eggs in exchange for some milk. This sounds like ages ago, but we’re actually talking about the future here.

In time we have made investing more complex till the point that just a few actually knew what was going on. The gap between investors and creators grew and grew. With more and more middlemen wanting a piece of the pie. And trust became a thing of novels. Trust isn’t something you can claim. It’s simply what happens. And with new technologies new opportunities arise. Markets open. And free trade is back. Giving back the power to – well, everyone.

So whether you’re a big-time investor, a part-time waitress or a fulltime student. Anyone with access to the internet will be able to directly invest in, use and exchange their assets. Whatever they are, whenever you want. The future is trading eggs for milk. How’s that for a change ?

Say hello to Nx'change.

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Instant and real-time, with transactions carried online 24/7.


Imagine a white-label exchange and you'll understand the concept.


You can purchase a stock from the Nx'change website, the company's website or even the Facebook page of your desired


With community based analysis that community members can react to, rate and share.

Group 29


Real-time company financials and public Q&A.


Geographical borders are a relic of the 20th century.


A huge amount of experience

The team at Nxchange is very driven and consumer focussed. We love to challenge ourselves to create and innovate in the highly complicated world of finance.

Marleen Evertsz

CEO, Co-founder

Marleen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nxchange. Previously the Managing Director of proprietary trading firm, Optiver, where she was responsible for all US activities and managed over 150 option traders. Marleen is specialised in building decentralized trading platforms adhering to regulatory compliance to trade any physical asset or security in a peer-to-peer environment.Good is just not enough

Alex Butter

CTO, Co-founder

Alex is the CTO and Co-Founder of Nxchange. He has a proven track record in successfully managing large scale IT projects and building bespoke trading platforms for the financial markets and commodities trading industries. With hands-on experience Alex drives the development and maintenance of mission critical applications.A solid basis is the foundation for the future

Joris de Vor

Head of operations

Joris has been Head of Operations at GoldRepublic and Nxchange since February 2016. He previously worked for a U.S. assets management firm in London as in international Associate, where he was responsible for the Dutch and Belgium market.It’s not about ideas. It’s about how you make things happen.


Advisory board

Piet Klaver

Former CEO OF SHV Holding

Piet Klaver stood at the helm of SHV Holdings, the biggest privately owned family business in the Netherlands.As CEO of SHV Holdings, a Dutch group with an annual turnover of over €14 billion, Piet is highly experienced in operating within a wide range of companies in different sectors such Makro, Mammoet and Nutreco.From 2009 to 2013, Klaver was chairman of the supervisory board of ING Group.Don’t limit yourself

Randal Meijer

Former CEO of Optiver

From 2008 until 2011, Randal Meijer was CEO of Optiver.Under his supervision, the company became one of the biggest and best- known "market makers" in the world.After his departure, Meijer set up his own Venture Capital fund.If you change your current model and follow innovation, it offers the greatest opportunities

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Financial services reinvented winner

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