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Make a long lasting positive impact on the planet by investing in startups that create sustainable and innovative solutions.


Historically, startup investing has only been accessible for accredited or professional investors. Nxchange now makes it possible for everyone to invest in a diversified portfolio of startups.

Startup investing on Nxchange provides the opportunity to get in from the start with a relatively small upfront investment. Investing in a basket of Startups can offer the potential for excellent returns provided the startups are successful, the investment is structured well, and proper investor protections are in place. By being in from the beginning, there is unparalleled potential for exponential growth and outsized returns.
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Startup investing through Nxchange now enables retail investors to get in early and back the newest crop of visionary companies. We aim to provide the startup sector with the capital to kick-start economic growth, while maximizing your financial returns ánd diversifying your portfolio.

By investing in startups through Nxchange, you’ll invest in baskets of startups. All startups participate in a so-called accelerator or venture building program to accelerate the growth and increase the success of early stage startups. By doing so, we de-risk the investments made whilst maximizing their potential.
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The startup market is growing by the day. 2021 has broken all-time VC investment records and the spotlight shines on startups now more than ever before. In addition, since society is facing its biggest challenges so far, innovation and startups are now being recognized as a means to our common (Sustainable Development) Goals.

Additionally, by being listed on the secondary market on Nxchange, the shares can be traded at any given moment - creating liquidity to your portfolio. Liquidity combined with the accelerator power of de-risking and the diversification makes Startup Investing a new, high-potential asset class for your future portfolio.
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A great initiative of Nxchange to use their platform in order to raise capital to help companies realise their growth plans.


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